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CrossConnect for ARM
CrossConnect for ARM is the native debug probe for  the CrossWorks for ARM IDE. It is the best solution for use with CrossWorks, as ...
Price: $300.00
JTAG Adapter
JTAG Adapter v1.1 converts standard ARM JTAG 20 pin connector to micro ARM JTAG 9 and ARM JTAG 19. Contains hardware RESET switch. Also c...
Price: $27.63
DIGILENT Adapter converts JTAG signal 8 pin FPC connector to micro ARM JTAG 14 and DIGILENT ARM JTAG 6. Contains hardware RESET switch as...
Price: $62.50
JTAG Cable20
JTAG Cable 20 is ARM JTAG20 Micro Cable (pitch 1.27mm) for connecting debug probe with debuged device. This cable can be used for direct ...
Price: $18.38
Down-pins FEMALE
Female socket connector, standardly assembled on EasyBoard for attaching the SQM4 modules. Use these connectors on your development b...
Price: $1.75
FPC connector for LCD connecting to main PCB. Miniaturization of portable equipment and personal mobile devices has created increased dem...
Price: $2.74
SQM4 Template
A mock SQM4 module, used as a template for soldering of the Down-pins FEMALE connector on the base board. ...
Price: $11.88
The RT9293BGJ6 is a high performance asynchronous boost converter for 10 WLED Driver. The internal MOSFET can support up to 10 White...
Price: $2.25
AC/DC Wall Adapter 12V/2A
Wall-mount adapter with exchangeable AC plugs, wide range input 90-264VAC 47-63Hz, output 12VDC/2A, output connector 5.5x2.1x11mm, user c...
Price: $14.00