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SQM4-K66 is a solderable computer module based on the new NXP ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller Kinetis K66 series. It runs at up to 180 Mhz and consumes as little as 500mW.

It also offers all the interfaces needed in a modern embedded device: beside the internal Flash memory, interfaces available for data storage – SD micro card, USB Memory Stick.

An integrated Ethernet PHY provides 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection with time stamp functionality.

It is produced in two basic variants: SQM4-K66-M with SPI EEPROM and SQM4-K66-F with SPI FRAM.

The Kinetis K66 series is well supported by a wide range of RTOS systems, e.g. FreeRTOS. Bare metal routines are supported as well, e.g. KSDK.

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SQM4_K66_datasheet Datasheet of SQM4-K66 module 2017-02-06 08:53:42 SQM4_K66_datasheet.pdf
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Microcontroller MK66FN2M0
Core ARM Cortex M4F
Frequency 180 MHz
Flash On Chip 2 MB
SRAM On Chip 256 kB
FRAM On Module 32 kB x 8 (-F variant)
EEPROM On Module 32 kB x 8 (-M variant)